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Army Cupcake Toppers


Add a fun and unique touch to your cupcakes with these Army cupcake toppers! 
Perfect for all occasions, these toppers feature an Army tank and soldier design.
 Made from high-quality card and cocktail sticks, these toppers are reusable and cute.
 Personalise your cupcakes by entering one name and age in the provided instructions.
 Each pack contains 12 toppers.


 Impress your guests with these fun and creative cupcake toppers from funky cake toppers.
Size of Toppers
Height of Topper Without Stem from 33mm - 45mm  (Approx)
Height of Topper with Stem from 87mm - 100mm (Approx)
Width of Topper from 48mm - 77mm (Approx)

Army Cupcake Toppers

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